Portfolio — Julian Lambert

Julian Lambert is a designer, developer, and artist available for hire. This website contains a sample of their portfolio work.


Portfolio — Julian Lambert

Julian Lambert — Portfolio

meta me half

Web Design

web margo

Margo Donohue — Blog redesign. April 2020. Built with Wordpress.

web ted

Ted Julian Arnold — Website redesign. April 2017. Built with MODx.

web blue

Blue Design — Website redesign. May 2015. Built with Wordpress.

Graphic Design

Designs for Pod People

des pod shirt 0 half
des pod shirt 1 half

Pod People — T-shirt Design. September 2019.

des pod frames

Pod People — Instagram frames. June 2019.

des pod stickers

Pod People — Sticker Designs. March 2019.

Designs for The VIA Agency

Including advertisements for Tandem Coffee

The VIA Agency — “No Brew. Just Do.” advertisement for Tandem Coffee. August 2017.

The VIA Agency — “Instantly There” advertisement for Tandem Coffee. August 2017.

des via melanoma 0
des via melanoma 1 third
des via melanoma 2 third
des via melanoma 3 third

The VIA Agency — Advertising Exercise. July 2017.

des via tree 0 half
des via tree 1 half
des via tree 2 third
des via tree 3 third
des via tree 4 third
des via tree 5 half
des via tree 6 half

The VIA Agency — T.R.E.E. pitch slide deck. July 2017.

Font Design

font cacoethes half
font cacoethes bold half
font donibon half
font indestructible half
font fs colophon half
font lard half
Small Victories